Motoriker Coffee The Roman Refill

Motoriker Coffee The Roman Refill


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65% Arabica (Brazil, Guatemala),
35% Robusta (India)

Roast: medium dark (espresso blend)
Aroma: cocoa, stone fruit, nutty
Body: creamy, round
Acid: balanced

Aroma of wild berries, cocoa and stone fruits with a nutty freshness. Powerful, creamy body, low in acidity, stimulating.
High caffeine content.
Ideal for espresso, doppio or ristretto.

When Dolce Vita and Bella Figura cross, Vespa comes out. The first Vespa came onto the market in 1946 and was nicknamed "Paperino". It was designed by an engineer who knew nothing about motorcycles. Nevertheless, the Vespa quickly became very popular: a cost-effective means of transport that was unaffected by driving on damaged roads. Malicious gossips claim that the unbroken popularity is due to the fact that the condition of the roads has not changed.

300g organically grown fair trade coffee beans, roasted in Winterthur.

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