Die richtigen Motorradschuhe für alle möglichen Ausfahrten

The right motorcycle shoes for all possible trips

Motorcycle shoes should primarily protect you from injuries and offer you the necessary stability. Ordinary street shoes are not designed for this and are therefore absolutely unsuitable for driving around in them. Most motorcyclists know this, but they also like to ignore it. Probably because many think that motorcycle shoes are basically bulky and ugly.

Luckily for all of us, that's not true. Various manufacturers have put a lot of effort into developing safe and stylish motorcycle shoes in recent years. A good example of this is motorcycle sneakers. They look exactly like normal sneakers and are also very similar in terms of wearing comfort. But due to the use of special materials, high-quality workmanship and additional reinforcements, for example on the ankles, they offer much more protection. Ideal for a casual summer ride or a ride through the city.

For longer tours and motorcycle trips, we recommend boots with a higher shaft that protect not only the ankles but also the shins. Depending on the weather conditions you expect on your trip, it can be an advantage to choose waterproof and breathable motorcycle shoes. For the racetrack or motocross riders among you, there are special models that are designed precisely for the needs of the respective sport.

Motorcycle shoes should definitely be comfortable. They must not leave any pressure marks or rub, as this could have a negative effect on your driving behavior. The best thing to do is to try on different models and take a few steps with them. Feel free to sit on your motorbike while you try on the shoes, so you can tell right away whether you have a good feeling for the pedals.

Just like with the rest of your motorcycle clothing, whichever style you choose, quality is extremely important. High-quality motorcycle shoes offer more protection, but they also tend to be a bit more expensive. Most of the high-priced brands also place more value on design - perfect for anyone who wants both protection and style.