Worauf es bei der Auswahl der richtigen Motorradhose wirklich ankommt

What really matters when choosing the right motorcycle pants

Basically, the same applies to motorcycle trousers as to motorcycle jackets: protection and safety always have priority. Again, this includes abrasion resistance, tear resistance and impact protection. The protectors in motorcycle pants should be on the knees as well as on the hips, as these are the areas most commonly hit in a fall and take the longest to heal. Always pay attention to the CE certification for the pants.

When it comes to the material, you have the choice between leather and textile. Leather is considered by many to be the safest material. However, textile trousers can also offer a similarly high level of abrasion resistance thanks to reinforcement with technical fibers such as Kevlar® or Dyneema®. You can find out more about this topic in our article " Differences in abrasion-resistant materials ". There are also various equipment options. So think about the requirements your motorcycle pants should meet beforehand:

  • Should it offer a particularly high level of protection?
  • Should it be breathable?
  • Should it be weatherproof?
  • Should it be ventilated as well as possible?
  • Should it also be suitable for everyday use?

Depending on which criteria you choose, this already limits the huge selection well. If you don't want to buy weatherproof motorcycle clothing, you can buy a rain suit to cover in an emergency.

Motorcycle jeans in particular are becoming increasingly popular in the field of motorcycle pants. Although these look like normal jeans, they are reinforced with technical fibers in such a way that they meet safety standards. The result is stylish motorcycle trousers that are absolutely suitable for everyday use and that also protect you from injury in the event of an accident.

The right fit is also part of safety. If the motorcycle trousers do not fit properly, this is not only annoying while driving, but can also be dangerous in case of doubt. You may have to try on a few models before you find the perfect pants. Make sure that the protectors are in the right place and that the pant legs are long enough. When standing, they can be a bit too long.

The same applies here: It has to fit on the motorcycle, not off it

So feel free to sit on a motorcycle when trying it on. This way you can tell straight away whether the motorcycle pants are comfortable, the legs are long enough and the protectors are in the right place. If it pinches somewhere when you try it on, you should try on the next pair of pants straight away.

Brands like Pandomoto or Fuel Motorcycle offer many different cuts and styles. They also ensure that their products are comfortable to wear and have high-quality workmanship. So if you are looking for the perfect motorcycle pants, you should definitely take a look around there - the investment is definitely worth it.