Otter WaxOtter Wax
    Otter Wax swears by nature, simplicity and honest craftsmanship. All leather and cotton care products are completely natural, made right in Portland, Oregon, USA. No animal oils (not even otters), mineral oils or chemical additives. And value is also placed on recyclable materials for the packaging. Otter Wax believes that an "all natural" label is not a marketing tool, but the right way to effectively clean and care for your favorite jackets, pants and shoes. The most popular product is the Otter Wax Fabric Wax with which all waxed and unwaxed cotton items can be refreshed or completely re-coated. For a special look and complete waterproofing. In the meantime, the range of products for leather care has also grown, but is based on the same principles: 100% natural.
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