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    The success story of a couple of motorcycle custom maniacs

    The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club started in November 2011 as a blog by a crew of friends. About cafe racers, brat styles, scramblers, about the entire custom scene in England, Europe and the world. To this day it is the largest independent motorcycle blog in the world. In May 2013, the virtual community was brought to life in the form of the first Festival of Motorcycle Custom Culture in London's Shoreditch area. 70 bikes delighted around 3,000 visitors at the first Bike Shed Show.

    After the second show, the plan was tackled to create a permanent, cool meeting place for everyone who loves motorcycles and wants to exchange ideas with like-minded people over good food and beer. In November 2015, the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club opened its doors on over 1,000 square meters in the middle of Shoreditch. With the help of over 30 investors and members of the BSMC, it has become the trendiest meeting place in London's biker scene with a restaurant, shop, barber, gallery, offices and of course a motorcycle garage.

    To this day, the annual Bike Shed Shows in the Tobacco Dock are an honest, exciting and absolutely worth seeing experience and are among the best motorcycle custom events in the world. Another part of the founders' hard work is now the expansion of their own motorcycle clothing collection, which is intended to be much more than just merchandising. Quality at a high level, always with the claim that all founders, members and fans want to wear the things enthusiastically and identify with the Bike Shed lifestyle. Bad and Bold is one of the first shops in Germany to carry selected club products and continue to expand them.

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