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    100 years ago two brothers in New York started to realize their American dream. They started with a raincoat sold door-to-door by street vendors. In the mid-1920s, the Schott brothers revolutionized outdoor clothing by using a zipper on a jacket for the first time. Always eager to innovate, Irving Schott soon turned his attention to another classic American product: the motorcycle jacket . The first leather jackets that Irving Schott designed were named after his favorite type of cigar - Perfecto. This name has now been synonymous with the classic among motorcycle jackets for over 100 years. Durable and robust, the jacket quickly became a bestseller.

    The Schott Perfecto became a symbol for a new generation of motorcyclists who sought adventure and wanted to rebel.

    This rebellion culminated when, after World War II, young Marlon Brando wore the Schott Perfecto in The Wild Ones. It even went so far that this biker jacket was banned in schools, fearing that the leather jacket alone would tempt teenagers to drift into shady circles. The sad high point in the popularity of the Schott brand was the tragic death of James Dean, who was almost never seen without his Schott Perfecto. Schott NYC has always been and still is a companion to the stars: Peter Fonda in “Easy Rider”, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator, Bruce Springsteen on a record cover, right through to Rihanna and Alicia Keys in limited editions.

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