Blackout Ride – Mit der Speedway zu den Wildays

Blackout Ride - Take the Speedway to the Wildays

A little adventure in four acts. Our first blackout ride.

The goal was clear. We all drive together to the Wildays in Parma. And it's a good thing that we've just been able to bid on a speedway dirt track machine on eBay. Actually as an exhibition piece, but why not test it in Italy right away?

Organized everything for the friends, planned the route and packed the photographer, because we wanted to use all the material as pictures for our next catalogue. And the first Bad and Bold Blackout Ride was born.

The outward journey in moving pictures. Part 1.

Stopover in the paradise of Ruote da Sogno.

Over 700 vintage motorcycles and cars in one exhibition. The problem: It's not a museum, it's a dealer, which means everything here is for sale. The solution: We'll play a little more lottery and come back. Most certainly.

Right in the middle there instead of just. The wild days part 3.

The performance was right and we wanted to know. How do you drive on a speedway from 1970 with a 500 ccm Jawa engine, powered by the methanol you brought with you, without brakes, without a clutch with only one gear on the sand track? At sunny 40 degrees. Conclusion: Only with significantly more practice and condition. The show could have been better. End of the story. But it was worth it.

The grand finale.

An Italian barbecue at Arnaldo's family (Holy Freedom) in the middle of the hills near Parma. A detached stone house, antipasti, a huge grill, 30 knuckles of pork and plenty of wine. Andreas on the guitar, grappa. Blackout.

A few more official impressions.

(c) Photos and videos by Bad and Bold, JJ and Max as well as Ben Konte and Patrick Späth from FSK Studio .