Mit Helm-Hersteller Nolan zum Jahresauftakt in Almeria

With helmet manufacturer Nolan at the start of the year in Almeria

We had already heard a lot about the legendary start to the year that the helmet manufacturer Nolan organizes every year for the press, influencers and friends of the brand. Founded in 1972, the Nolan Group is one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycle helmets in Europe.

In January 2020, we were incredibly lucky to be invited by Nolan Germany to the Almeria area in Andalusia, Spain, to test helmets and, in particular, the motorcycle clothing brand Segura. And everything imaginable was offered for these tests.

Starting with the fleet with more than 50 of the latest BMW and Yamaha motorcycles, the specially booked racetrack at the Circuito de Andalucia or lots of guided on- and off-road tours.

And in the evening, too, there was a lot going on with the band Jimmy Cornett and the Deadmen or a barbecue on an abandoned airfield with fire-breathing performance artists.

What a sensational start to the 2020 season. Thank you Nolan, especially Claudia and André but also the entire team for inviting us to this super cool event!

(c) Photos by AmyLee Photography .