Die Wölfe von El Solitario auf der Bad and Bold Ranch

The Wolves of El Solitario at Bad and Bold Ranch

They were unable to attend Meet the Makers as they were driving cross country through Spain themselves. So we just did a mini meet the makers at our ranch in Tuntenhausen. And David and Pico, two of the founders of El Solitario, hit the road.

So we set up a grill and converted the garden into a small dirt track. And the icing on the cake: Since El Solitario also plays a role in the customizer documentary by Gareth Maxwell Roberts "Oil in the Blood" , we were allowed to show the film as an exclusive German screening in our barn.

Of course it rained in the afternoon, so there was no real racing in the garden. But the fearless, fabulous Amelie Mooseder from the VTR Racing Team didn't let it go, she grabbed our R100 GS and made furrows in our lawn. That's the way it has to be!

It was a great honor for us that not only El Solitario but also so many friends found their way to our country side.

Oil in the Blood poster