Ein strahlender Rückblick: Meet the Makers Motorcycle & Fashion Show 2023

A radiant review: Meet the Makers Motorcycle & Fashion Show 2023

The weekend of May 5th and 6th, 2023 was all about the Meet the Makers Motorcycle & Fashion Show in Munich. The event, which took place for the third time, once again brought together passionate motorcycle lovers, designers and music fans in the impressive ZENITH Hall on the grounds of Motorworld Munich.

The show featured a variety of custom bikes, vintage motorcycles and new models, presented by renowned motorcycle manufacturers such as Royal Enfield, Triumph Motorcycles and the Berlin festival Pure & Crafted.

Meet the Makers for the first time in the Zenith Hall of Motorworld Munich

Test drives with Triumph Munich

Indian Motorcycles eFTR

The exhibitors also included some of Europe's leading customizers, including 51° Nord, 8Tech Racing, Big Bike Customs, blackbean motorcycles, Diamond Atelier, Gas & Retro, Gas & Oil, German Bike Projekt, Loose Screw, Incerum Customs, Indian Munich, Racing team Moto, Zweiradwerke Rosenheim and many more. They allowed visitors to marvel at their latest creations and pieces and exchange ideas.

Loose Screw Custom Bike

Incerum Customs

Jägermeister RnineT from Zweiradwerke Rosenheim

Conversion of an RGNT

Big Bike Custom

Diamond Atelier Mark I

Motorcycle.Muc Team

Converted moped from Horse with no name and Loose Screw

Geiger Cars and Indian Munich

Crooked Moto Cage

German Bike Project

A particular attraction was the presentation of the 100-year-old BMW R32, presented by BMW Classic Mark Huggett. This historic machine fascinated visitors and impressively demonstrated the development history of motorcycle construction.

The first BMW motorcycle: The R32.

Royal Enfield not only offered free tattoos, but also test rides with Triumph Motorcycles Munich, Black Tea Motorbikes and RGNT, which offered visitors a special opportunity to experience the latest models up close and test them for themselves.

Flo Tattoo commissioned by Royal Enfield

Black Tea Motorcycles

The creatives Nic Nagel from Nagel Motors, Fritz Gottlieb from Speed ​​Cowboy, Viktoria Greiner from Vaim.me and Sir Leder Michel demonstrated their craftsmanship in pinstriping, leather painting and hallmarking.

Nic Nagel in his element

Sir Leder Michel hallmarking

Fritz from Speed ​​Cowboy

Viktoria Greiner and Martien Delfgaaw

Helmet design by Vaim.me

There was also a lot to discover in terms of fashion and lifestyle. Various makers such as Blue de Gênes, Blundstone, B-rocket, Captain Santors, Dainese, Eudoxie, Fuel Motorcycles, Guns Wear, Hen's Teeth, Mosko Moto, North of Berlin, Shangri-la Heritage, Shoei, The Rokker Company, Thedi Leathers or Trip Machine Compay presented their latest collections and gave insights into future trends and ideas.

The Kytone Prisoner pants impress


Federica and Gianluigi by Captain Santors

The new shooting star brand North of Berlin from Karsten Merz from Berlin

Patrick from Mellow Moto in his new favorite shirt

Chris Huff is there anytime, anywhere

Guns Wear leather jackets

Camille from Eudoxie

Lots of helmets for all head sizes from Restless Munich

Trip Machine Company

Theodorus from Thedi Leathers from Greece

Sir Leder Michel

Marco and Daniel from Shangri-la Heritage

The founder Michael Kuratli personally looked after the Rokker stand

Mosko Moto Team

Chill-out area from the Club of Newchurch

Thedi Leathers

Helmet test at Shoei

B Rocket

Davide from Hen's Teeth

Dainese airbag vest

Christine at the fuel stand

The Helleluja and Bulleit Bar, Motoriker Coffee, Mellow Moto and various food trucks provided a small but fine selection of food and drinks to ensure the physical well-being of the visitors. The bourbon shots from Horse with no name were also popular.

The Flat Tracker from Clemens as a beautiful decoration at the Bulleit Bar

The organizers can also treat themselves to something

Roger from Motoriker Coffee

Mike from Horse with no name

For the first time, three Shed Built Bikes also received awards. Private conversions displayed on stage and judged by all makers.

The three winners of the Shed Built Show

The deserved first place

Two live acts provided musical entertainment. On Friday evening, DJ Jörn Biedka made the limbs of visitors and exhibitors fidget and on Saturday the French band Madam rocked the stage and created an unusual atmosphere.

DJ Jörn Biedka


MADAM from Toulouse

Live on the stage of the Zenith Hall


Overall, Meet the Makers Show was once again a very successful event that once again showed how diverse and lively the motorcycle world is. We are already looking forward to the next festival and hope to be able to welcome many lifestyle enthusiasts, fashion lovers and music fans again. We are already looking forward to 2024.

The Makers 2023

Photos by Amelie Mesecke, video commissioned by Motomigos and copyright by Bad and Bold.