Lasst uns Spaß haben – das ist unsere Mission

Let's have fun - that's our mission

We are sometimes asked why we do all this to ourselves: Meet the Makers, Blackout Rides, Summer Festival and a few other activities. It's exhausting and expensive.

At the same time, however, we also get criticism here and there, which we want to take seriously. We are too expensive, promise more than it is, no comparison to established events. But butter on the fish, we're only at issue 2. After five to ten more Meet the Makers, you can compare us to other events.

But these are just isolated cases, the far greater majority thinks it's good what we're doing and that we're doing something at all. And here we want to show you why we do it.

We believe it's not just about selling clothes. We live the same passion as you, the same lifestyle. And we want more of that. And how is it called? A joy shared is a joy doubled... or something like that.

Our biggest mission is to bring like-minded people together, have fun together, talk gas. That's what Bad & Bold should stand for.

Selling quality motorcycle clothing is just a means to an end. And when we look at the laughing, discussing and dancing friends, mechanics, designers and customers at Meet the Makers, then we think we did everything right. You have understood and you enjoy what we offer you.

Let's never stop this, please.

📸 by @amyleephotography85 and JJ.