The gift vouchers for the Bad and Bold online shop come in DIN A6 format on very thick cardboard. On the front there are different drawings by BMD Design from Paris to choose from. The gift vouchers are available in predetermined denominations from EUR 25 to EUR 1,000. But also very individual amounts can be requested or ordered by telephone or e-mail.

    To redeem the voucher in the online shop, simply go to and enter your voucher code directly in the shopping cart via the voucher field. The credit is automatically offset against the value of the goods. Only one voucher is possible per order. If you want to combine several vouchers, please contact us briefly before ordering, we can combine the vouchers into a new code.

    Unfortunately, the value of the voucher cannot be credited to an order retrospectively and a cash payment is also not possible. If you return goods to us from an order that used a gift voucher, the amount you paid for the order will be returned to you. The voucher code will then be reactivated by us and can be redeemed with the next purchase. Please note the validity date of the voucher. This is still valid even if you send it back and activate it again.

    And now have fun giving and redeeming!
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