Caffe VeloceCaffe Veloce

    Good coffee is like a good strong engine

    This engine never lets you down. You turn the key or kick and immediately he roars. Caffe Veloce fuels your inner motor with its coffee blends. Reliable and with full power.

    Caffe Veloce was created by the Italian designer Valerio Cometti and his Milan agency V12 Design. Valerio perfected his love of coffee in 2008 when designing the new portafilter machines for LaCimbali and Faema. In 2012 he was responsible for the design and opening of the MUMAC in Binasco, the first and only museum dedicated to coffee, machines and design. He and his agency team still work for LaCimbali today.

    However, the trained mechanical engineer has always had a great passion for cars, motorcycles and high speeds. And so one thing led to another: the precise product development of espresso blends for all true petrolheads. Let Valerio's perfection convince you with a cup of Caffe Veloce...

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