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    High quality jeans and shirts

    The New York label Gilded Age has dedicated itself to a very special way of making jeans. The production is completely handmade, produced from the best cotton, on conventional machines, the oldest still working in industrial production and with traditional dyeing methods such as volcanic mud, charcoal, tea or natural indigo, to name just a few. Chemicals are completely dispensed with, which is also reflected in the color of each pair of trousers.
    Each piece is unique. Even the buttons and rivets are made by hand. This type of production is very time-consuming, involves a lot of work and is of course also expensive. Still, we think Gilded Age offers a fair price.
    The knowledge of these special techniques and manufacturing processes has been refined and passed on for generations. Gilded Age has set itself the task of preserving this traditional craft from dying out and consistently sticking to the tradition of denim and shirt production with this complex production.

    Due to future changes in production facilities, we will not continue to expand Gilded Age. Therefore the chance for high-quality bargains for you!

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