Holy FreedomHoly Freedom

    Holy Freedom - the designer label for biker t-shirts and hoodies

    The Italian designer Arnaldo Upali from Parma realizes his passion for motorcycles and custom bikes in the Holy Freedom brand with the unusual logo.

    Holy Freedom is a small family business, very authentic and full of passion from everyone involved. Design, production and sales are all in one hand. Small collections of T-shirts, shirts and hoodies as well as practical bandanas are designed and produced several times a year. But unusual leather jackets with protectors are now also part of the range.

    Holy Freedom attaches great importance to the highest quality, starting with the choice of fabric, the gimmicks especially for motorcyclists - for example, most Holy Freedom hoodies have a wind stopper worked into the front - and also the application of the custom bike motifs.

    Still a real insider tip for everyone who wants to wear something different: You definitely won't want to take your shirts off again! In the spirit of Arnaldo, we also stand by it: "Stay wild, stay custom!"

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