Motoriker Coffee The Ape Refill

Motoriker Coffee The Ape Refill


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100% Arabica Single Origin (Brazil)
medium light roast

Aroma of stone fruit and chocolate.
Mild aftertaste, well tolerated.
Excellent for filter coffee.

Ape hangers are a species of choppers. Their high handlebars ensure a position that does credit to the namesake. With their penchant for apparent cosiness, they are the opposite of the knee slider faction. Not that they're averse to speed, but leather is only available around the upper body - ideally with lots of patches on it. Whether short or long, the hair needs to flutter. The chopper achieved cult status at the latest with the movie “Easy Rider”: Machines for wild guys – and those who thought they were.

300g organically grown fair trade coffee beans, roasted in Winterthur.

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