Motoriker Coffee The Sam Refill

Motoriker Coffee The Sam Refill


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100% Arabica (Guatemala, Brazil)

Roast: medium
Aroma: floral, cocoa, stone fruit
Body: creamy, round
Acid: balanced

Floral aroma with notes of strawberry, cocoa and stone fruits.
Full-bodied taste with medium acidity.
Well suited for cappuccino, latte macchiato & Co., but also for Kafi Crème.

The first sidecar was built in England around 1900. The motorbike combination experienced its heyday in the 1920s and 1930s. Motorbike teams played an important role during the two world wars, but after that they were increasingly replaced by cars. This is not only more comfortable, but also easier to drive. The biggest danger lies in the curve. She wants practice. Otherwise it can quickly happen that the sidecar takes off. "Only flying is nicer" does not apply then.

300g organically grown fair trade coffee beans, roasted in Winterthur.

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