Die richtige Motorradbekleidung für wechselnde Temperaturen

The right motorcycle clothing for changing temperatures

Long journeys or tours lasting several days by motorbike are the ultimate dream holiday for most bikers. But they have to be well planned. Because despite the lack of space, you should have motorcycle clothing for every temperature in your luggage and be prepared for all eventualities. Means for you: pack space-saving, combine well and above all work in shifts.

Depending on the temperatures you are traveling in, you need different numbers of layers. In a warm climate, two layers are usually sufficient – ​​base layer plus protective clothing. If it gets a little colder, you can complement this combination with a mid layer.

In which layer you provide the appropriate abrasion and impact protection is up to you. There are designated motorcycle clothing for every layer and in the end it comes down to which layer you will always keep on.

Our tip: take a protective base layer, removable protectors and a functional T-shirt with you. This gives you maximum flexibility on longer trips in different climate zones.

base layers

The base layer sits directly on the body and forms the basis of your onion look. And as unsexy as it sounds, the best thing to do here is with breathable functional underwear made of polyamide, polyester, polypropylene or merino wool. Their main task is to transport the moisture that is produced when you sweat to the outside. Another advantage of functional underwear: it dries quickly. Wash out in the evening and the next morning it is completely dry again.

Cotton fabrics are not suitable as a base layer because they are only breathable when dry. As soon as liquid comes into play, they soak up water and dry very slowly. Another shortcoming is the rapid formation of odors.

Base layer by Pando Moto with Dyneema® content for abrasion resistance and Lycra for breathability. Cools and transports moisture away. Can be equipped with protectors for shoulders, elbows and back. Thumb loops ensure the sleeves are held securely.

Pure functional shirt as a long sleeve made from Outlast® by The Rokker Company as a base layer. You don't have to look at the shirt for its function. Simply wash out in the evening, hang to dry overnight and put on again the next day.

Mid layer

In order not to freeze in colder temperatures, you should always have something warmer with you in your luggage. Almost anything is suitable for this, such as a long sleeve or a thick cotton sweater. The air between the layers has an insulating effect and protects you from the cold.

In extreme temperatures, merino wool in particular has proven itself as a mid layer. Unlike other types of wool, it is breathable and does not scratch. Another advantage is that due to their antimicrobial properties, unpleasant odors cannot develop so quickly. This is especially useful when the next opportunity to do laundry is still far away.

It is also important that the clothing is comfortable to wear. Nothing is worse than sitting on the bike and something slips or scratches. That's why you should try on everything you want to take with you beforehand. This way you can also see which parts go together and how you can best combine them. Good basics are the be-all and end-all here.

top layer

The top layer is your protective clothing. Depending on the material it is made of, there are a few things to consider.

Many motorcycle jackets and pants are not waterproof. A separate rain cover in your luggage prevents your clothes from getting soaked with rain. Both leather and fabric tend to become very heavy when wet. This makes them uncomfortable to wear and at the same time wet clothing increases the risk of getting sick.

If your motorcycle clothing has a waterproof and breathable membrane, it is particularly important that you also wear breathable fabrics underneath. This is how you get the best out of your station wagon.

Motorcycle jackets and pants often also have a removable lining. In this case you even have another layer to work with depending on the temperature. Again, make sure everything is seated correctly.

Depending on how much space you have, you can take a smaller or larger selection of clothes with you. We have summarized the most important ones for you here:

    1. Base layer: functional underwear
    2. Mid Layer: Longsleeve made of merino wool and/or sweater or hoodie
    3. Top Layer: Waterproof, abrasion-resistant motorcycle clothing or separate rain protection if necessary.

Our tip: Roll your clothes when packing. That saves a lot of space.