Scrambler & TrackerScrambler & Tracker
Scramblers & Trackers

    The scrambler is the ancestor of today's enduro and motocross machines and was created in the 50s and 60s as an off-road conversion of street machines. Tough tyres, wide handlebars, higher exhaust and mudguards increase the robustness when "scrambling", "climbing" through the terrain.

    The even more minimalist trackers are optimized for use on speedway, flat track or dirt track tracks. As fast as possible, narrow and designed for drifting. While speedway racing machines even do without suspension, brakes and transmissions, today's street and flat trackers are mostly fully roadworthy.

    Both styles combine the extreme, the desire for maximum dust and as little asphalt as possible. The clothing must be sporty, breathable and allow a lot of freedom of movement. But also easy to wash.

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