Worauf du beim Kauf einer Motorradjacke achten solltest

What you should pay attention to when buying a motorcycle jacket

A good motorcycle jacket must meet high standards. Above all, it must be able to protect you from injury in the event of an accident, just like the other items of clothing. The following points are particularly important for this:

Abrasion resistance:

The material of your jacket must be as abrasion-resistant as possible. Leather works particularly well here, but there are now some textile motorcycle jackets that have been reinforced with certain technical fibers (e.g. Kevlar® or Dyneema®) and therefore offer the same qualities.

tear strength:

This applies to both the material and the seams. Because in the event of a fall, it is life-threatening if your jacket falls apart into its individual parts.

Impact protection:

Your jacket should be equipped with protectors on the back, elbows and shoulders. These protect the most frequently affected areas from the impact and cushion it. Some motorcycle jackets come without protectors, but with pockets designed for them. Here you should retrofit yourself.

In order to be really sure when buying that the motorcycle jacket also offers the protection it promises, you should definitely check whether it also has a CE certification . Because the label is only given to garments that meet the safety standards according to the European standard.

Motorcycle jackets sometimes differ significantly in terms of material, features and fit. And depending on which tours you have planned and what type of driver you are, there are other points that are important to you in addition to the safety criteria.

Another important point is the choice of material. Leather tends to be more robust and in most cases has a higher abrasion resistance. Leather is also inherently water-repellent. It is not for nothing that almost everyone on the racetracks and motocross parks wears a leather suit. But textile jackets also offer high abrasion resistance, provided they are made of the right material. We explain exactly what these materials are in our article " Differences in abrasion-resistant materials ". In addition, textile jackets are usually more breathable, more versatile and offer additional features such as a waterproof membrane.

No matter which material you choose, always pay attention to high-quality workmanship and quality. Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers on the market who present their products as safer than they really are and sell them for little money. When buying a motorcycle jacket, we therefore recommend brands such as Belstaff Motorcycle or Fuel Motorcycle. Here you can be sure that the motorcycle clothing you have bought not only looks good, but also offers the necessary protection.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating - this also applies when buying a motorcycle jacket. It has to fit perfectly and not slip so easily. Many riders make the mistake of buying a motorcycle jacket that is too big to be able to wear something underneath in colder temperatures. However, if the motorcycle jacket is not your size, the protectors are in the wrong place and do not offer full protection. But it shouldn't be too tight either, so that you don't unnecessarily restrict your freedom of movement. In addition, the sleeves should reach the wrist when the arms are stretched out, and the back section must also be long enough and reach the tailbone when sitting.

Did you know already?

The kidney belt that you wear under the jacket is not there to keep your kidneys warm. Rather, he holds them tight so that they don't "knot" themselves or begin to "wander" due to the vibration and jolts.

Anyone who is afraid of getting too cold or too hot on the motorcycle should invest in motorcycle clothing for every temperature . Because with good base and mid layers, nobody has to freeze or sweat on the bike anymore. This applies to both motorcycle pants and motorcycle jackets.

Tip: If you don't have or don't want to buy weatherproof motorcycle clothing, you should get a rain suit to cover in case of an emergency. So even a short shower on a long tour is no longer a problem.

It has to fit on the bike, not off it

You have to remember this sentence and always have it in the back of your mind when you buy new motorcycle clothing. That's why we recommend that you always sit on a motorcycle when trying it on - ideally on your own. This way you can tell directly whether the sleeves of the jacket are long enough, whether you can operate the levers well with your gloves on, whether the protectors are in the right place and much more. If just one thing bothers you, it's best to try on the next one right away. Because most disruptive factors tend to get worse rather than better over time.

In addition to the wearing comfort, the safety and the material, the right style also plays an important role. Motorcycle jackets are now available in many different colors and cuts. The classic leather jacket or rather waxed cotton - no matter what you like better, it is always best to choose the style that makes you feel most comfortable.