Aus alt mach neu: Belstaff Textil-Jacken wachsen

From old to new: Belstaff textile jackets grow

The brands Barbour or Belstaff Motorcycle stand for exclusive design and the highest quality down to the smallest detail. Born in the early days of motorcycle racing, they are still popular brands among stylish motorcyclists today. Especially their waxed cotton jackets with patch pockets are world famous. Mostly British Millerain waxed cotton will last a lifetime with the right care. That's why we want to show you here how you can regrow your Belstaff or Barbour jacket and easily give it back its former shine and weather resistance.

Our favorite way to reseat already waxed fabrics naturally is Otter Wax's Heavy Duty Fabric Wax . It is easy to use and does not contain any mineral or animal oils (not even otters) or chemical additives. In addition, value is placed on recyclable materials for the packaging.

Waxing the fabric again makes it completely water-repellent. In heavy and persistent rain, however, water can of course still get inside the jacket, for example through the zipper or seams. Most Belstaff motorcycle jackets therefore also have a so-called transition over the zip as wind and weather protection, which you can grow accordingly.

What you need for this:

  • 1 large bar of Heavy Duty Fabric Wax from Otter Wax
  • or Belstaff or Otter Wax Fabric Dressing
  • and depending on how dirty it is, some Canvas Cleaner and Odor Eliminator
  • Natural hair brush
  • wooden spatula
  • about 2 to 3 hours time.

Step 1:

Before you start waxing the Belstaff Motorcycle Jacket, you should make sure it is clean and there are no stains or dust left on the fabric. These could otherwise become trapped in the fabric. Coarse dirt should be brushed out beforehand or removed with a damp cloth.


If this is your annual maintenance round, there's no harm in treating it with Otter Wax Canvas Cleaner to wash away all the dirt from the street. The Canvas Cleaner cleans but does not destroy the remaining wax layer. Stir in cold water until foamy, rub in with the brush, wipe off with a lint-free cloth and allow to dry completely. Then spray the Otter Wax Odor Eliminator all over the feed and everything is like new.

Step 2:

The Otter Wax Heavy Duty Fabric Wax can be used directly. With light pressure and in even movements, you can easily apply the wax. It's best to start with the seams. These need a thicker layer than the rest of the fabric as they let water through faster.

Step 3:

Once the wax has been applied, you can work it deeper into the fabric with your fingers or the wooden spatula. This leads to a better connection. If white marks or small lumps form on the surface, you can easily remove them with the wooden spatula.


Optionally, you can now slightly heat the wax on the fabric with a hair dryer. This gives a particularly even finish.

Step 4:

The fabric may feel a bit sticky at first. This is quite normal and will disappear over time. That's why we recommend hanging the jacket up in a warm, dry place for about 72 hours before wearing it again.

The result:

The Heavy Duty Fabric Wax is an easy and quick way to reseat already waxed clothing. Ideally, you should repeat the process once a year at the end of the season. In this way you extend the life of your jacket, also keep the unique look and it is completely water-repellent again.

If you notice in between that the water doesn't bead up so well in some areas, you can wax just those areas at any time.

With the Fabric Wax from Otter Wax you can not only wax your Barbour or Belstaff jacket and let it shine in new splendor. Garments or accessories such as backpacks or saddlebags made of cotton, canvas fabrics, denim, wool or nylon can also be treated and made waterproof using this technique.