Zum ersten Mal auf der Scram Africa von Fuel Motorcycles

First time at Fuel Motorcycles Scram Africa

2,000 km in 8 days through scree and sand. "Leave the main road" with a 35 year old BMW R100/7 converted to a Scrambler by Fuel. The "Wild & Dirty" was still one of the most unsuitable machines for this terrain. And I the most inexperienced driver.

Organized for the 6th time by Barcelona-based Fuel Motorcycles, the Scram Africa through Morocco is one of my biggest motorcycle adventures. In one week you will get to know the limits of material and especially yourself. But these borderline experiences also form the basis for the 20 Scram Riders to make friendships that will probably last the rest of their lives.

We started by ferry from Barcelona to Tangier. And then once across Morocco, over the Atlas to the sand dunes near the Algerian border. The scenic diversity is indescribable. Everyday life is light years away.

And then sand and rivers of sand in which we have to progress. And the infamous Fesh-Fesh. Fesh-Fesh is sand as fine as powder. Once too little gas or even just a minimal jerk on the handlebars and the 200 kg BMW has to be set up again. After the 10th time at a good 50 degrees Celsius, the machine weighs what feels like 2 tons, and the power dwindles. And the harder you get, the more often you fall. A vicious circle. But we have to keep going, we have to be at the next checkpoint by dusk at the latest, otherwise there will be no more fuel.

What am I doing here? Why did I sign up for this ordeal? It's a damn Ironman championship on a motorcycle...

In the end, two broken footrests, a cracked oil pan despite underbody protection, no license plate holder anymore, a tank that is only held in place with tension belts, calluses on the palms of the hands, blisters on the feet and 10 kilos lost. Others have had it worse: total machine failure, broken wrists, torn ligaments. Of 20 machines, 16 arrived at the coast. But I made it thanks to a strong team spirit. And in the end even sand driving was fun.

You can't be happier and happier. A truly life-changing week that I will cherish for a long time. And when everyday life is bad again, I remember that I don't really have a problem. I've got water, shade, gas stations, workshops and no fesh-fesh anywhere.

Thank you Karles, thank you Fuel, thank you Wild & Dirty. Until next year!

(c) Photos by Götz Goppert .