Blue de GênesBlue de Gênes

    The history of jeans began more than 400 years ago in Genoa...

    At that time, the dock workers used a very robust fabric made from Arabian cotton that was dyed blue with indigo. The "Blue from Genoa" or at that time under French rule "Bleu de Gênes" soon became "Blue Jeans" in America. It was only later that attempts were made to produce a similar fabric in the French town of Nîmes: "De Nîmes", i.e. denim. But the original from Genoa remained unmatched.

    The young brand "Blue de Gênes" reflects on the values ​​of the time, when high-quality craftsmanship and the processing of natural materials were among the highest skills. Inspired by the workwear from Genoa at the time, a very special collection is produced in perfect craftsmanship on old machines with completely natural materials in Italian family companies.

    So much love for old details fits perfectly with the demands that a bike lover or customizer has. That's why we find the Blue de Gênes brand not only very suitable for our lifestyle store, but also exceptionally good.

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