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    Proudly designed in the USA: Iron and Resin - The road is home

    The Southern Californian biker and surfer label Iron & Resin ("Iron & Resin") develops its fashion entirely from its own experience: made by bikers and surfers for bikers and surfers. The small and mighty label Iron and Resin comes from the southern Californian town of Ventura, where a group of friends, who have all successfully worked with building fashion labels for years, together came back to what matters to them. They decided to start from scratch with the idea of ​​Iron & Resin: The result is a very individual and personal collection of handmade t-shirts, shirts, jackets and accessories. All parts of the collection are based on the experiences of biking, the stories around the campfire, the philosophy and last but not least the attitude towards life of the friends, which is expressed in unusual prints, casual slogans and selected materials. The collection conveys the pure joie de vivre of the Freedom Bikers and a philosophy that deliberately distances itself from mass-produced goods and the throwaway mentality. It depends on the quality: whether it's your bikes, surfboards or even your clothes.

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