Die passenden Handschuhe für jede Motorrad-Tour

The right gloves for every motorcycle tour

Just like with motorcycle jackets, shoes or pants, there are countless options when it comes to motorcycle gloves. When choosing the right pair, you should therefore think carefully about what purposes they should serve.

Protection from injury is always a priority. But there are gradations here too. Not every motorcycle glove is equipped with protectors. Some only offer the wearer abrasion protection through the material. If that's not enough for you, you'd better go for the variant with protectors. In addition, the length of the cuffs always varies. Some reach almost to the elbow and offer a lot of protection, others only reach up to the wrist. The quality of the workmanship also plays a major role in terms of safety. Tear-resistant seams and sufficient material thickness are therefore an absolute must.

Those who value abrasion resistance are best advised to use leather motorcycle gloves. Textile gloves are usually less robust, but a lot more versatile. In order to combine the advantages of both materials, some manufacturers also use both materials in one glove.

You should also consider what other functions your glove should have before you buy it. Leather gloves are usually neither waterproof nor breathable. With textile gloves, the situation is completely different. In summer, ventilation is also an important point. Ventilation slots are standard on many textile gloves, but there are also some leather models. If in doubt, you need two pairs anyway, one for cold days and a second for warm days.

Last but not least, the fit of gloves is of course extremely important. They must fit both the length of your fingers and the size of your palm. In addition, they must be comfortable to wear and must not slip. Feel free to try on several models before you decide. So you can quickly recognize the differences and notice what suits you best. In the best case, you can sit on a motorcycle and check whether you have a good feeling on the handlebars with the gloves on.

And you should always remember one thing: quality has its price. And only those who buy high quality will also get high quality protection.