Shangri-La HeritageShangri-La Heritage
Shangri-La Heritage

For your rock 'n' roll, your adventures, your quest for the Shangri-La

Marco and Daniel combine northern Italian craftsmanship and quality standards in a timeless collection inspired by their motorcycling adventures.

Passion, tradition, quality

Shangri-La Heritage is an Italian brand based in the northern Italian Alps that creates detailed clothing for men and their motorcycles. Tradition and innovation combine the products from Italian thinking with the finest quality details. And at a very fair price/performance ratio.

The legend of the brand name was born in the 17th century when the first European travelers explored Tibet and tells of "Shangri-La" as a mystical valley, a mysterious and inaccessible place that evokes pure human desire and deep spirituality. Today the name describes the dream of explorers on motorcycles in search of beautiful and forgotten places, in search of the Shangri-La. Heritage is the need to create iconic, timeless, handcrafted apparel inspired by the past.

The company founders, Daniel and Marco, are always looking for new adventures themselves, discovering places, meeting people who share their interests, and in the process getting to know new textiles and manufacturing techniques that are important for their products: "We tie up pleasure and business to offer the best quality-goods.” Seems like the two have found their Shangri-La.

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