Unique dream machines from the city of love

Creativity, craftsmanship and a love of the traditional characterize not only the motorcycle conversions but also the lifestyle products from Blitz Motorcycles.

Blitz Motorcycles is one of the coolest custom garages in France. Founded in 2010 by Fred Jourden and based in Paris, the workshop designs and builds bespoke, uniquely finished, one-of-a-kind classic cars. Between the Arc de Triomphe and Montmartre things are generally more casual. For Fred, it is already a philosophy of his own to always win new customers without advertising: stress, appointments, external commissions are rejected.

We met Fred and his friend Hugo years ago at the BMW Motorrad Days and we persuaded him year after year that we would like to include his lifestyle products in our shop. But the French remained stubborn, which we (in line with the Blitz philosophy) respected.

Til today. We are now the first dealer in the world to sell selected Blitz Motorcycles designs. It is an honor for us and we will represent "das Blitz" with dignity.

Exclusive and rare - from Paris with love

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