Malle LondonMalle London

    And again a high-quality, small brand that was founded entirely out of its own needs. Malle London was created in 2012 by the two British designers Robert Nightingale and Jonny Cazzola.

    For their tours and longer journeys on old British motorcycles, back then a '69 Royal Enfield and a '67 BSA, they wanted to have suitable but robust, functional luggage. Bags that can be easily attached, match the style, but also look good in everyday life next to the motorcycle and, above all, should be usable. This is how the first weatherproof, extremely durable, light and dirt-repellent bags made of strong, waxed cotton came about. Still handmade in England to this day.

    Incidentally, "Malle" comes from French and means something like suitcase or tool box. For the two founders of Malle London, however, it means the essence of stylish, well-prepared travel.

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