Barstow Classic Retro-Brille Burnworth
Barstow Classic Retro-Brille Burnworth

Barstow Classic Retro Glasses Burnworth


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The "Burnworth" motorcycle goggles with a bright yellow frame are classic 70s retro cross goggles from Barstow. Gold mirrored, tinted anti-fog lens for very bright light conditions. Additional transparent replacement glass. The "Barstow" from the US brand 100% is perfect for vintage jet and scrambler or motocross helmets, depending on the design, from size M. With a frame made of modern thermoplastic polyurethane, extremely flexible and durable, it adapts perfectly to any head shape. Air vents on the top and bottom to prevent fogging, with three-layer lining, the innermost layer of which is made of comfortable, soft fleece, adjustable black strap with large white boxes. Large field of vision due to the narrow frame and well suited for spectacle wearers. A protective pouch is included.

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