Scram Africa – Leave the Main Road mit unserer Ural

Scram Africa - Leave the Main Road with our Ural

We were so hooked on our first Scram Africa experience that we really wanted to master this experience as a team. But since Barbara, as a trained pillion passenger, cannot be on the back for 8 days off-road, another option had to be found: a Ural sidecar combination. Perfect for such tours and terrain - in theory. But more on that later. In any case, the Ural from the 70s with a converted BMW R60 engine made us very excited. Driving a trailer is something completely different: you combine the worst characteristics of a car with those of a motorcycle. But it's great fun!

Fuel Motorcycle's 8th Scram Africa started this time in Marrakech. Our Ural was transported to Barcelona to then be shipped to Morocco by truck together with other machines. We used the time and visited the city of colors, creative people and artists for the first time. Of course, we didn't miss the tanners' quarter, where all kinds of leather are still tanned in the open air using very old natural chemical processes (e.g. chicken dung). In the middle of Marrakech.

Market square in Marrakech at dusk

Market place in Marrakech

Alley in Marrakech

Leather tannery in Marrakech

Then it was time for our "Life changing adventure". The day of departure towards the Atlas Mountains. Since we weren't among the fastest in the group with around 380 kg and the small 600 ccm engine, we always tried to drive ahead. Then the clutch cable broke for the first time...

Refueling the Urals

Start of the Urals

Riding a Harley along the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Scram Africa participantsBreak in a small oasis in Morocco

First sandy passages by motorbike

Delighted arrival at the Bedouin camp. Unfortunately already with significant problems in the left cylinder. But we are still full of euphoria and look forward to the next day .

Troubleshooting the engine of the Urals

Arrive at the Bedouin camp

Sunrise in the Bedouin camp in Morocco

Start into the desert with the Urals

Scram Africa rider in the Moroccan desert

Scrambler in the desert of Morocco

Fuel Royal Enfield Himalaya in the Moroccan desert

Bad and Bold Ural drive through the desert at Scram Africa in Morocco

A rear wheel that lifts off on the sand tracks

Repair work in the desert

Fuel Scram Africa Sandrider

With the Urals in the middle of the desert

Break at a snack bar in Morocco

After the first sandy passages, the Ural was only running on one cylinder. The lack of power makes the terrain almost impassable. So, to be on the safe side, we looked for the next asphalt route. Shortly thereafter, the total failure of the BMW engine. The Ural had to be loaded into the service truck and we had to continue the scram in the support vehicle.

But at least we were driven personally by Karles Vives, the founder of Fuel Motorcycles and initiator of Scram Africa. And we absorbed the role of feeding and motivating the rest of the team along the way.

End of the journey with the Urals with cylinder damage

Loading the Urals into the transport truckSandstorm on the way to camp

Sandstorm in the camp

The next morning in the camp again with the best weather

Our chauffeur Karles Vives on the Scram Africa

Waiting in the escort vehicle for the passing Scram Africa motorcycles

Supply of defective machine and driver

Fesh-Fesh routes in the Moroccan desert

Fuel the Moroccan way from the glass bottle

Waiting with a stranded driver on the scram

Short break in a Moroccan cafe

Medical breakfast on the Scram Africa

Broken motorcycle on the pickup truck bed

In the end, in addition to our Ural, had three more Harleys and two Triumph Scrambler a total failure. The service truck and all support vehicles were full to the brim. But nobody said it would be easy to drive across Morocco. But what has remained are indescribable impressions of the landscape and the daily, mostly successful Battle of man and machine.

Africa, Morocco, Fuel - We'll be back. And then with two working cylinders...

(c) photos of Gus Galvani and Riki Rocket.